Project Description

Dining table „Aurea“: A playful dining table for demanding gourmets

For the design of a dining table I researched how it is commonly used by people. The results were clear: It’s not only a place where family or friends come together and eat. A dining table is a statement. Almost every table is the centerpiece of the living room or kitchen area. I noticed that in most cases, there is something placed in center of the table (no matter if its decoration or a fruit basket) – so why not combine this feature and make it part of the design?

‘Aurea’ consists of a steel base and bowl, both hand painted to get a gold antique finish. The bowl in the center of the walnut table top is connected to the base  – offering an easy way to decorate the table to your wishes. It is a plug and play feature, this means, it can be easily removed when it’s not needed.


Rhino / 3DS Max / Vray / Adobe PS / Painting technique


Furniture Design


Lisa Krausz

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